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Epidaurus Festival

The festival of Epidaurus or “Epidavreia” is an ancient drama festival which is held every year during summer in the ancient theater of Epidaurus in the context of the Athens Festival. The Epidaurus festival was officially inaugurated in 1955 with the production of Hecuba of Euripides directed by Alexis Minotis and Katina Paxinou in the lead role. To date, the theater of Epidaurus has hosted the most important Greek directors as well as a number of other great artists.


Epidaurus Festival

Epidaurus Festival promises you magical summer nights, full of theatre and music! Ancient Greek drama is staged at the Epidaurus Ancient Theatre, a two-hour drive southwest of Athens. Enjoy a performance as the ancient Greeks would do in this outstanding architectural monument known for its unique acoustics. Thanks to this festival the Epidaurus Theatre has seen the rebirth of Ancient drama more than half a century ago. Performances are in Greek but in the programme you will find summaries in other languages too and English surtitles for the Festival’s productions. It’s one of those places you need to visit! For further information as well as the programme of the Festival, please visit the Official web site of the Greek Festival.