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Beautiful beaches salute you and invite you to discover them up close!

In the fairytale city of Epidaurus, a breath away from the shore of the peninsula stretches a beautiful and quiet beach with clear blue waters. However, many beautiful, cosmopolitan and quiet beaches spread around from Ancient Epidaurus, offering any kind of recreation. The fabulous Yialasi that features organized camping, bars, café-restaurants and other amenities, gathers thousands of young people who enjoy dives in the cool waters and water sports activities. Do not forget to visit the idyllic beach of Polemarcha featuring pebbles and turquoise waters and a half-finished church.



Following a small path at the end of the Vagionia beach, through the lush green forest, you come up to a small quiet beach, known as Kalamaki. Its unique feature is the pine trees that go all the way down to the sea. The landscape is of unbelievable beauty! The beach is ideal for those who wish for peace and quiet. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the marvelous view and perfect isolation. However, don’t forget to take water or anything else you need beforehand, since the beach has no facilities.



It’s a quite small and delightful journey to the beach of Polemarcha. If you come from Athens, just before the crossroad to the ancient Epidaurus, there is a small Parking and a country road that leads there. Actually, it’s two gorgeous beaches, surrounded by thick pine woods, totally untouched by civilization. The cove is actually between Nea Epidaurus and Ancient Epidaurus. The route is not long, but it’s a bit harsh and you’ll need to take many precautions. However, it’s a great experience and the spectacle will reward you for all your pains!



Very close to the centre of the village and also to our hotel. It’s easily accessible both on foot and by car. It’s a sandy non-organised beach surrounded by lush greenery. It’s ideal for kids and for grown-ups who want to relax gazing at the infinite blue.



It’s on the south side of Ancient Epidaurus, only 2 km from the harbor and from our hotel. It’s a quite long, partly organized beach, with pebbles and sand. For those who like to dream under the stars, there are also campings.



Aliotou Beach is only 15 km from our hotel. It’s a quite extended beach, partly organized, with pebbles and deep crystal clear waters. The beach of Nea Epidaurus satisfies all tastes. There are many little taverns by the sea and café-bars too; while enjoying your food or drink there, you may take a dive into the sea. For nature lovers there are parts that are not at all organized. The beach combines pebbles and sand, thus being perfect for families. For those who want to travel further, there are beautiful beaches, like Iria, Kandia and Kondyli.