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10 "different" travel experiences

“Click Argolis”, one of the most known modern Travel Portals of Greece, recommends trips for unique experiences in Argolida Prefecture. Enjoy unique experiences with your friends, your loved one and your family by doing water sports in the popular seaside village of Tolo during the summer season; discover the history and culture of Argolida through tours in historical sites, monuments, and archaeological sites. Explore the area from a religious standpoint by going for pilgrimage to beautiful monasteries and churches. Plan and live the most special days of your life in our prefecture.


Family holidays

Finding the ideal destination for family holidays is not an easy task especially when you are looking for a destination that combines beautiful scenery, and activities for kids along with a hotel that meets their needs, shallow, clear waters and sandy beaches, other families with children, a destination that is not too far, because long journeys make children grumble, and most important, not to be a very expensive one.

These are some of the reasons for loving Argolida. It is a nearby destination and it has the whole package! From romantic destinations for two to beaches with MUST accessories the mini buckets and from 5-star resorts to economic, family-friendly guest houses. If your mission has a code…..family vacation, then take a look at the destinations we collected.


Religious tourism

Religious tourism is not a new idea, something thought up recently. It is the oldest, the most important form of “tourism” in the history of Mankind. Every society has produced members whose quest was to commune with the divine. Religious travel has its roots in the pilgrimages of a bygone age.

Since antiquity the desire to embark on a journey for religious purposes has inspired Greeks and non-Greeks to make their way to religious sites throughout Greece. From the earliest times it has been a custom of the Greek people to express their religious sentiments, their deep faith and their reverence for God, a key characteristic of the Orthodox faith for 2000 years.


The wedding of your dreams

Choose and make your wedding in a heavenly location with a romantic atmosphere in the enchanting Argolida. Experience the most beautiful day of your life in the captivating city of Nafplio, or pick one of the islands of Tolo, or the amazing ancient Epidaurus or the cosmopolitan Porto Heli.

Exchange vows of eternal love on the most beautiful spots of the city and enjoy your wedding with your family in one of the most beautiful banquet venues of your choice from the wide range you can find in Argolida. For the most special day of your life, the hotels are committed to offering the best accommodation experience of high standards to the couple, their friends, and relatives.


Greek Breakfast

Breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day, a great source of energy to start an exciting day full of experiences and new adventures! The high nutritional value and the quality of the Mediterranean products, along with their tradition and experiential character, account for Greek breakfast’s special features.

Although varying from one place to another, the Greek breakfast never fails to pair the abundance of tastes and aromas with the values of simplicity, clarity and purity. The traveller has a vast variety of destinations to choose from, each of them boasting a unique culinary tradition.


Culture & Activities

Prefectures such as Argolida but also neighboring ones, like Arcadia, Korinthia, and Messinia, have innumerable, unknown traditional villages, in which every summer and autumn local celebrations and feasts are held.

Our aim is to combine culture with activities around the villages, which have rare natural beauty and are worth it for someone to explore.

Be it special interest trips or visits to the famous UNESCO monuments in the Peloponnese, or one-day to multi-day vacation, we provide high-quality services tailored to your needs combined with the most suitable accommodation and means of transport for you.

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Radical Kite Center

Radical kite center with 10 years of presence is occupied with kitesurfing & sup (iko) .We rent equipment kites and boards , harnesses by cabrinha,north,ion. It is located in Nea Kios Nafplio. We will take care of the highest quality of your training, as well as safety,for your first steps 1-2 for the beginners and level3+ for the advanced ones.

Accelerated Learning Package the result are spectacular 2 days course 6 hours & Level 1,2 & 3 until you stand up on the board (waterstart planning). It is the best spot in Greece because, the water is very shallow the winds are stable thermic throughout whole summer and it has a lot of space with flat water. The students dont get tired and they feel amazing.


Phototour Nafplio

Nafplio is widely known and photographed tourist destination. Thus it is inevitably seen through various angles and lenses. However, we tried to find places that can still bring us in contact with the unknown following the flow of the familiar environment.

Adopting the feeling of a visitor, we will look together and through a different angle the tissue of a city built to defend itself, with an architecture and a structure both intercultural and eye catching, enriched by varied colors. We will try to translate this tissue by shooting the corners where immerge the sea, the turrets, the castles and catacombs of a common memory.

The phototour Nafplio will be held every Saturday afternoon, it will take about three and a half hours and the starting point will be the beacon of the old town. More details will be given via e-mail. In the photo tour can register not only those involved in the photography, but also those who want to get to know it.​


Watersports Tolo

Posiedon Watersports, Tolo, Argolida was first established in 1981 by Yiannis Gogonas and his wife Jackie, and was one of the first Watersports facilities in Tolo. Starting from a small operation with only water skiing, he has, with the help of his 2 children, Nicola and Manolis, been able to build the business up into what is today, the largest watersports facility in the area.

After 25 years of experience, Yiannis and his team specialize in offering tuition to groups, schoolgroups, and individuals of all ages in a choice of water sport activities and a selection of fun rides like banana and ringos. Whatever your choice Yiannis is there to advise and help in making your water sport day a day to remember.

Firstly and foremostly in Yiannis’ mind is safety and enjoyment. Every year Poseidon Watersports grows from strength to strength and now have a number of new leisure motor boats to add to their fleet.


Jeep Trails

At your service, our experienced local partners in super jeep tours in Argolis and it’s surrounding prefectures Arcadia & Korinthia with their unique landscapes!

We run a mixed fleet of modified Land Rover Discovery V8 4000c, Hyundai Santa Fe 2000c diesel & Suzuki Grand Vitara 2000c, which will get you off the beaten track by crossing rivers and driving on mountain roads!

You should experience the following routes :
1)Nafplio – Karakala & ‘Egg’ Monasteries- Ancient Epidauros – Nafplio
2)Nafplio – Ancient Nemea -Plain of Skotini -Stimfalia lake – Doxa’s lake


Horse Riding

Horses and riding are identical with true friendship, speed and beauty, but above all with freedom.The use of the horse as a mean of transport, as an assistant in agricultural work or the war is lost in the mists of time.

The horse, with its exceptional sense and incredible wit, has always been a faithful companion of man and this relationship remains strong throughout the years.

Riding as a sport is known from ancient times, while the use of the horse to sports events first appeared in ancient Greece with the chariot races back in 680 BC, while from 648 BC chariot races were two of the ten events of the Olympic Games.