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Discover unknown corners of Nafplio with a bicycle

Take a bicycle tour and discover the beauties of our city in the most fun way. Get close to the beautiful sights of Nafplio, cross the narrow and quaint streets of the Old Town and enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of the most stunning city in the entire prefecture of Argolida with your favorite means of travel, the bicycle. The bicycle is not only a pleasant and fun way of traveling, it is also very friendly to the environment. The bikes of the Municipality which are located in Syntagma Square are the perfect way for a free city tour.


Cycling tour at Argolis

Cycling is an exceptionally entertaining activity for all ages. The main urban areas of Argolis are flat, allowing for a relaxing ride on a bike, along with friends and family. You will get to see Argolis and Nafplio by bike and discover places that would have gone unnoticed if travelling by another means of transport.
Specialized partners will accompany you throughout the journey, offering you all the necessary equipment, such as the proper type of bike depending on the selected route, helmet, etc.

Roam with a bicycle through the streets of Nafplio and discover images that can hardly be seen otherwise. With the help of our local escort we explore the paved Acronafplia along the crystal waters of the Argolic Gulf and we get to the nearby golden beaches through wooded trails.

For more active guests, we provide trails through olive groves, historical trails and archaeological monuments. From seaside villages to pine-covered slopes, this bike tour offers unique moments of tranquillity and wellness while enjoying the sounds and smells of Argolida’s nature.

Useful Tips:

Explore Argolida with a bike and discover places that would pass unnoticed traveling through any other means of transport.

Boost your ride is with you anything from your friends!


Shared municipal bikes

The transportation means regardless, one can also tour through Nafplio using public bicycles offered by the Municipality or his private one. The renting area for the public bicycles is in front of the Town Hall, in “Trion Navarchon” Square.

Useful Tips:

Select the subscription you want. Subscribers are entitled to unlimited free paths, as long as they do not exceed half an hour each time.
Annual € 29
Monthly € 5
Weekly € 3
Two days € 1.5
Daily € 1
Daily Routes Unlimited € 3 (the routes are not charged!)