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Boating in Bourtzi for romantics

If romance is in your nature, boating in Bourtzi is exactly what you need! The boats depart from the port every half hour and the ticket price is 4 euros.  Nafplio is undoubtedly one of the most romantic cities. Bourtzi, which means tower in Turkish, meant to become the hallmark of the city of Nafplio. Visiting the fort is an unforgettable experience and for many the fort reminds them something from the days of knights. The view of Nafplio from this site is a memorable experience. Photos of Bourtzi reflect the unsurpassed beauty of the most beautiful city.


Boating in Bourtzi Nafplio

You are in a coffee shop and gaze at the sea and the beautiful Mpourtzi. And suddenly you feel the desire to discover what lies behind the castle.

The boats that will lead you to the island are located just in front of you, at the beginning of the beach. Experienced captains, make these routes everyday. All you have to sacrifice is 4€ and in five minutes you are in the Venetian castle.

Useful Tips:

The boats leave every 10 minutes and the ticket costs 4 € With return.
Shortly before leaving or after returning, take the opportunity and enjoy a coffee or a quick snack on thoughtful cafes located opposite Bourtzi.