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Travel is a big deal, but what if something goes wrong? Should you choose to visit the Prefecture of Argos, the best travel Portal in Argolida is here to provide you with all the useful information and telephone numbers you may need. Our Portal will make your journey a pleasant experience by giving you all the practical information you need to know during your stay. Here, you will find some general and useful information that will bring you in your very first contact with Argolida, just before traveling.

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Useful phone numbers & emergency

During your stay in this city, it will help you to keep in mind some useful telephone numbers listed analytically below.

By useful telephone numbers, we mean the phone numbers of hospitals and regional health centers of the prefecture, police stations per region, fire department and all local Town Halls and radio taxis.



During your visit in Argolida, the main means of transport you can use is the bus which is very convenient, and the taxis.
The Bus Station (KTEL) of Argolida connects the city of Nafplio with the rest areas of Argolida and the urban centers of other prefectures.

To move around the city of Nafplio, but also for longer journeys, you can use the taxis of the Municipality.

You can get to Nafplio or to other areas of the prefecture by private means. Finding a place to park will not be hard as the prefecture provides large and free parking lots.

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Travel Information

Coming on holiday in the beautiful prefecture of Argolida, will surely create some basic questions that strike most tourists and visitors of the city.
How much tip should you leave (or not) at a restaurant, where to find ATMs for withdrawal, what are the opening hours of banks and where will you exchange currency for euros?

Are you entitled to a tax refund for the products purchased, can you smoke in public and private places and lastly, where to find information and maps of Nafplio?

taksidiotikes plhrofories

Greek National Tourism Organization

For information about your visit to Nafplio and to Argolida Prefecture (and the rest of Greece) for a free map, for public transport services etc., please contact the tourism office of the Greek National Tourism Organization.
The Greek National Tourism Organization is a public entity supervised by the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism.
Deputy Minister of Tourism is Mrs. Elena Kountoura.



Citizens of the European Union will only need their identity card for their entry in Greece and the duration of their stay is for an indefinite period.
Citizens who travel within the EU do not need a passport. However, the passport is required for a number of other transactions, such as currency exchange, purchases etc.

In contrast, residents of countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc can only stay up to 90 days albeit for entering the country they will need to issue a visa.

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Food with live music

Are you in the wonderful Nafplio and looking for live music along with your meal?

Would you like to dine in a restaurant that combines Greek food with songs of the Greek pentagram such as rempetika, smyrneika, traditional, archontorempetika, artistic and folk which make up an entertaining and fun program?

How about a folk, family oriented restaurant, with Greek cuisine, many appetizers and house wine? Or how about a modern restaurant with ethnic cuisine and gourmet dishes that will make you reconsider your taste preferences? Of course, all these combined with excellent Greek (mainly), and foreign music.


A Walk in the Old Town

Discover the Old Town of Nafplio by exploring its alleys, on foot or by bike. The Old Town is very beautiful during day and night whilst the ice cream parlors give and take in its alleys.

Syntagma Square in Nafplio is crowded with people, especially children. It resembles squares of European cities with the tiling and the buildings around.  The main attractions of Nafplio and most of its stores lie in 4-5 parallel streets with the Town Hall as the starting point.

There are many worry beads stores in Nafplio – that’s a good opportunity to buy a gift or souvenir! There are beautiful quaint streets where bougainvilleas dominate. It’s best to take your tour on the day, despite the heat.