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Four heavenly nearby destinations

Pegasus cruises is a well – established, friendly, family-run company based in Tolo offering leisure mini-cruises to the picturesque Saronic islands of Spetses, Hydra and Poros and the enchanting historic castle-town of Monemvasia. The cruise programme runs from late March to late October. In addition to the ever-popular day cruises to Monemvasia and the islands Hydra, Poros and Spetses, the boats offer a variety of special cruises such as picnics, barbecues and evening cruises. The boats are also available for charter, for group cruises and for private parties, receptions and celebrations.

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Hydra, one of the most important resorts

The town which is the centre of the whole island, is built amphitheatrically around the port.
It looks glamorous like an art-paint, with grey, white and blue colours above the blue of the sea, an exemplar of architectonics and aesthetics.
Right and left from the entrance of the port, there are the Parapets with the Canons, which protected the town.

Hydra, with its continuous offering to tourism and to the culture of our country, remains the adornment of the Saronic Gulf and one of the most important resorts that Greece has to offer.

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Poros, the island

The town of Poros is built in the shape of an amphitheatre over two hills. In antiquity Poros consisted in fact of two islands, Sphería and Kalávria, but the last explosion of the Méthana volcano in 273 BC radically changed the morphology of the area. Sphería was cut off from Méthana, and in this way Póros took its present-day form.

Lush pine trees vegetation, crystal clear beaches, a lively waterfront adorned with shops, cosy cafes and restaurants, a picturesque capital (it has been declared protected settlement) with grand traditional mansions and picturesque cobbled streets, as well as a wide selection of entertainment venues are the ingredients of this quiet, yet cosmopolitan, destination that attracts visitors from all age groups.


Welcome to the island of Spetses

Spetses, an island boasting a long naval tradition, is famous for its significant contribution to the 1821 War of Independence. It was here that the revolution flag was raised on 3rd April 1821. The island has managed to retain its individual traditional character thanks to its well-preserved grand captain mansions, still bearing eloquent witness to the island’s glorious past. The picturesque old harbour and Dápia, a tourist and commercial centre where the heart of the island’s entertainment beats, are the trademarks of the town of Spetses.

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The town of Aegina

The city of Aegina is the capital city of the island and it’s located on the west side.
It’s built amphitheatrical towards the sea. When you enter the harbor, the small, white church of Saint Nikolas welcomes you.

Your first impession is the modern type classical buildings, which are located along the sea front of the island and have terristrial shade colors which make them look even more beautiful at sunset.

The economic and social life of Aegina is centralized on the coastal road and the parallel roads.In the out skirts of the town there are archaic tombs, tombs of the parchment era and the Byzantine church in the name of the Saints Theodoron, two kilometers west from the town.
This church is a basilica of the 13th century.