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“Click Argolis”, one of the most known modern Travel Portals of Greece, recommends trips for unique experiences in Argolida Prefecture. Enjoy unique experiences with your friends, your loved one and your family by doing water sports in the popular seaside village of Tolo during the summer season; discover the history and culture of Argolida through tours in historical sites, monuments, and archaeological sites.

Finding the ideal destination for family holidays is not an easy task especially when you are looking for a destination that combines beautiful scenery, and activities for kids along with a hotel that meets their needs, shallow, clear waters and sandy beaches.

These are some of the reasons for loving Argolida. It is a nearby destination and it has the whole package! From romantic destinations for two to beaches with MUST accessories the mini buckets and from 5-star resorts to economic, family-friendly guest houses.

Choose and make your wedding in a heavenly location with a romantic atmosphere in the enchanting Argolida. Experience the most beautiful day of your life in the captivating city of Nafplio, or pick one of the islands of Tolo, or the amazing ancient Epidaurus or the cosmopolitan Porto Heli.

For the most special day of your life, the hotels are committed to offering the best accommodation experience of high standards to the couple, their friends, and relatives.

Prefectures such as Argolida but also neighboring ones, like Arcadia, Korinthia, and Messinia, have innumerable, unknown traditional villages, in which every summer and autumn local celebrations and feasts are held.
Our aim is to combine culture with activities around the villages, which have rare natural beauty and are worth it for someone to explore.

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Click Argolis |Travel Guide tolon holidays
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Tolon Holidays

  Τολό 210 56

€74,25 avg/night

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  Αριστείδου 9 & Ηλία Μινιάτη Ναύπλιο

€0,00 avg/night

Click Argolis |Travel Guide Klymeni Apartment
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Klymeni Apartments

  25ης Μαρτίου / Λ. Καραμανλή, 21100, Ναύπλιο

€143,33 avg/night

Click Argolis |Travel Guide Frini Hotel
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Frini Hote-Tolo

  Σέκερη 21, 21056 Τολό

€59,67 avg/night

Click Argolis |Travel Guide Paradise Lost
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Paradise Lost – Tolo

  Σκαλίδη Α. 12, Τολό

€53,00 avg/night

pension filyra
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Pension Filyra

  Άγγελου Τερζάκη 29, Ναύπλιο

€50,00 avg/night

Oasis Apartments
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Oasis apartments – Tolo

  Gianneli Bikaki 12, Tolo

€45,00 avg/night

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  123456 sdfasdf

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